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Not that bad......Not that good, either.

(A Bit Whimsical in the Brainpan)

June 26th, 2014

June 7th, 2014

The Monkees - Detroit May 30th 2014 @ 05:18 pm






Karl Urban at MCCC 2014 @ 05:16 pm

Catching up on some photo-spamming here!





May 4th, 2014

Helping those who really need help. @ 02:47 pm

This is my friend Robin. She is in serious need of financial help right now. She's unable to work due to health problems, but was recently turned down by a judge for disability! She has no income & may soon be homeless if she can't get the funds raised.

Please donate if you can. If you are unable to donate, please help spread this around to get the word out. Every little bit helps! Thank you so much!


April 20th, 2014

April 16th, 2014

Vexed. @ 07:43 pm

On the best of days, I really loathe & despise pop-up adverts. Today has surpassed that....



January 31st, 2014

January 5th, 2014

Happy New Year to me. Not. @ 10:48 pm

So far 2014 has not been kind to me. Not only do I have storm damage from the ice before Christmas, thanks to a forced disconnect of power by the BWL, I now have burst water pipes and a massively flooded basement.

I am heartbroken & sick over all the irreplaceable items that I had stored there which are now damaged/destroyed. Plus with the new Winter storm that began today, who knows when I can get the water pumped out?

Thank the PTB for good friends who offered me places to stay, otherwise I'd be at the mercy of the emergency shelters.

It's got to get better....


December 24th, 2013

November 28th, 2013

Not that bad......Not that good, either.

(A Bit Whimsical in the Brainpan)